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this post is purely informational - because sticking it straight onto facebook seemed too......impersonal? yeah, the obvious answer was to put a link to this blog post on facebook. er...whatever.

anyways, we went to the allergist today. elizabeth is indeed very allergic to peanuts, so just in case i forget to tell you, or fumble the epi-pen handoff....don't slip my kiddo a pb and j. let's not talk about potential consequences.

the doc told me 20% of kids grow out of a peanut allergy and wikipedia says it's 25%.

just another one of life's little it-could-be-way-worse-so-get-over-it-and-stop-picturing-your-kid-eating-alone-every-day-at-the-lunch-table moments. we can deal:)


  1. Nutella sandwiches are better sometimes, anyway. :) Lindsey

    1. she is so flippin cute despite being allergic to Peanuts.

  2. Oh this is Joy, not too annonymous ;)

  3. Poor Bets. But at least she will never know the difference. Plus, the allergist is over with.

  4. Oh man - that is a bummer for you too! Thank goodness it wasn't ketchup ;). She is lucky she is living Ina time when people can't take peanut snacks to give to the class and they have a large peanut free table with lots of kids and their friends on it. (did you know Melanie miller has a child with peanut allergy?). Good to know though - I brought pbj once to soccer - eek!

  5. The schools are way good about allergies now. We've come a long way baby! There is also a group, Food Allergy and anaphalyxsis Network you can look to for resources. They do a walk in Oct to raise funds for research/cure. there are so many good substitutions and support out there now. Bummer.. at least you know and know what to do. My sis in law had to use the epi pen several times for her daughter. I think when they travel, she has her take benadryl every day for precautionary measures, since she is so allergic to all nuts. Scary! You are just the right mom for her.