caillou. ugh.

IMG_5469 copy it's 82 degrees outside but feels like summer is over for some reason. maybe it's because school has started, though we are in no way affected by that. nora turned a year old july 23rd. the day came and went without much to-do. hopefully she wont ask to see pictures of her 1st birthday when she's older. i don't think i've ever asked to see pictures of mine. nora. she's got opinions. she knows what she wants and has feelings if she doesn't get it. she walks. she runs. she jumps. she dances. she did a summersault(sp?) a few days ago. she waves goodbye and never refuses a high five. she can climb to the top of the bunk bed. she doesn't care about tv. it's kind of a bummer. she'll maybe watch ten minutes of yo gabba gabba, but that's the end of it. she likes to move around, chase her sis, be outside. she says, "abba" which i believe is 'elizabeth', "amma" which i think is "momma," "bye" and "baba" which is bottle. she's getting better with strangers. someday she'll let a stranger hold her, i swear. i used to get nervous about it....not wanting people to feel rejected, but i've quit that. my kids are shy. i might actually prefer it that way. they are awesome. i'm lucky. she calls. gotta go. a picture of elizabeth and a paragraph about nora. we watched true grit last night. at one point the guy says something like "you do not varnish your words." i liked it. i guess i don't varnish my blog.


  1. i think that's about one, pic of the other...that way no one can get jealous...

  2. Shy is great! Let people get offended!